Halloween Inspiration

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Halloween is more than just an opportunity for children to acquire free sweets while dressing in spooky costumes. Halloween is now a widely celebrated event, and appears to grow every year.

Despite the fact that it isn’t even half way through October yet, Halloween decorations are high in demand and sell quickly. Stuck on how to decorate? Here are some ideas for creating spook-tacular displays that’ll make you wish it was the 31st already.

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The Basics: Tips & Tricks

5 Minute Displays

The Basics:

Feel like your Halloween displays aren’t as impressive as they could be? Here are a few tips on how to improve them.

1. Don’t let your props be lonely

Displaying a large, impressive spider that’s over 2 metres in size (like this one, or this one), is sure to look good on it’s own. Although making it the star of the show by adding a backdrop and additional props is even better! Similarly, having just a single gravestone in the corner of a room may look a bit pitiful. Which leads us to our first tip… give your display some context; a background – make your scene look a little bit more realistic. Turning lonely tombstones into a display can easily be achieved by simply adding some moss, leaves and maybe even another prop, like in the photo below.


2. Use levels to scare people

When people walk into a room, the first things they tend to notice are at eye level, so use this to your advantage. You could hang props from the ceiling in order to make people jump when they turn around, or do the opposite and place them on the ground. This works best with animated props that are sound activated; as people walk past, the props will be activated and will certainly give any innocent bystander a fright!

3. Hidden props

What a fantastic way to frighten! By placing props out of sight, you’ll definitely give unexpected guests a scare! (and besides, everyone will be too busy admiring your display skills to notice you hiding them…) Whether it’s a fake rat in the cupboard, a giant spider in someone’s handbag or a zombie waiting behind the door, it’s guaranteed to spook someone. Just don’t forget where you’ve hidden everything…

5 Minute Displays

If you’re still wondering how to decorate, check out these 4 mini displays that we made. Each display took less than 5 minutes to put together and is perfect for placing by your front door to welcome trick or treaters.


Display 1: The colour orange is associated with both Halloween and autumn, so what better colour to use for your displays?! In this display we used coloured moss, leaves and miniature pumpkins, as well as some small toadstools/mushrooms. We also used some creepy crawlies and a black rat to contrast the bright orange and make the display more interesting.

Products used: Mossrat, pumpkins, (these ones are great too), leaves, mushroomscreatures.


Display 2: If you don’t want something quite as bright, this cool toned autumn display is ideal, and consists of only 4 different things!  We used natural reindeer moss, leaves and fungus to create this display, adding a raven to give it that Halloween-y feel.

Products used: moss, leaves, fungus, raven (Crows also work just as well!).


Display 3/4: Featuring a classic carved pumpkin, this mini display looks effective when arranged like shown or when separated and scattered around a ground-breaker (like this one) or around some gravestones (like these ones).

You can also omit the skeleton arms and replace with more toadstools as shown in our final display below.

Products used: Hands, pumpkin, toadstools, moss, leaves, creatures.


Of course, all of these displays can be changed, added to, and made even better. Halloween is supposed to be an event to enjoy, so make sure to have fun creating your displays!

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Easter Displays: Ideas, Tips & More

With spring and Easter just around the corner, what better time to start making new seasonal displays?


Here are our top tips for creating attention-grabbing displays this spring, as well as some ideas if you’re stuck on how to design.

Tip #1

Spring is all about the colours; flowers blooming, everything coming to life. So make sure your displays are bursting with colour too!

Every season, Pantone releases a new colour report – inspired by the biggest fashion runways, showing the on-trend colours you’ll be seeing everywhere for the upcoming season.

And this spring is no different; below are the top 10 colours for spring 2016.

Spring Colours 2016

As you can see, spring is the time when the subdued hues of winter are swapped out for some brighter colours.

Tip # 2

When people think of spring,  one of the first things they think of are flowers – daffodils, blossom trees, daisies…

Fake flowers are a perfect way to bring the uplifting colours of spring into your home – they look great and will never need watering!

Many different potted plants can be brought (such as these ones), however creating your own arrangement gives a nice personal touch. Like in the photo below, you could use multiple stems or even combine different flowers and foliage in a vase, to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement.

3 flowers

Larger branches (such as these ones) are ideal for window displays, and are sure to catch the eye of passers by.

Tip #3

Don’t forget the animals! So many baby animals are born in the spring; bunnies, calves, lambs, squirrels and ducklings… to name just a few. In the table scene below, we used a wisteria flower spray, (in fuchsia too!) and some baby rabbits, both from our new 2016 spring collection. We also used a few replica moss stones, as well as some loose flowers and a cute little chick. The grass printed fabric creates a good backdrop.

Not only does this little display idea only take up a small amount of space, it doesn’t take a lot of time to recreate either.

Small scene

Extra display idea:

We created the display scene below, focusing on using the colourful pastels that are this year’s spring colours. Our giant yellow chick is the star of the nest, surrounded by smaller fluffy chicks. We added pretty pink blossom flowers around the edge of the nest, for a nice spring touch. Lastly, little chenille chicks in assorted colours have also been placed around the outside of the nest, as well as some butterflies and little birds.

Spring, Easter.jpg

(The scene also appears on the cover of our 2016 Spring & Easter brochure – grab a free copy here!)

Find more product inspiration on our ‘Spring and Easter’ Pinterest board, below:

All products shown in this blog post can be purchased at www.props4shows.co.uk.

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How to: Wonderful winter displays

As the cold winter months are creeping up on us, start creating stunning winter displays with these 4 tips:

1. Make the most of your space

We don’t just look in one direction, so try to use a mixture of higher and lower level props. For example, try hanging a few snowflakes or icicles of different sizes, to add to that frosty, wintry atmosphere. If you’re using animals, try placing them on top of something – as shown in the photo below – to fill out the space a little bit. Don’t they look adorable?!


2. Use a range of props

In order to make your display interesting and realistic, use a variety of props. Little wintry animals look great when used with winter foliage, snow and ice. Creating an appealing and unique display will also look more impressive, drawing attention to it.

2014-11-21 11.15.14

3. Make your display look more realistic with textures

The more lifelike your display is, the more professional it’ll look. Use iridescent props such as these snowballs, as they look frozen and incredibly realistic. Also, try just using regular snowballs in a range of sizes, as it adds texture to the base of your display. If you wanted to make your displays really lifelike, mix some of these iridescent flakes (shown in the photo below) amongst your snow to achieve that realistic, glistening effect.


4. Finish your display with fabrics and a backdrop

Fabrics and backdrops will help your display to look far more professional as they cover up any day-to-day items seen in the background. Plus, you don’t want any wandering penguins to trip over any loose wires! Oh, and any people of course. This snow fabric, or molton midnight blue fabric for example, would all fit perfectly in a winter scene, and will help you to hide any distractions. Haven’t got much time? Instead of using a backdrop and multiple fake snow products, try using just a snow mat or carpet such as this one, for an instant snow effect.

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Autumn Weddings


Although our props are often used for retail and theatre purposes, they aren’t just for commercial use. They are suitable for many different occasions – including weddings!

Khush Wedding Magazine Feature


Khush Magazine is the fastest growing wedding magazine in the UK, and they’ve demonstrated great use for our props in their 2014 autumn edition.

With the help of props from our Autumn and Harvest range, a stunning autumn wedding photo shoot took place. Products including our leaf tendril, leaf spray, maple branch and artificial tree were used as attractive decorations.


The props shown in the photos would look great in any autumn theme wedding and make a beautifully unique change to usual wedding décor.

Our props were also used in the Khush 2015 Summer magazine as you can see in the photos below; they’d look great in any theme wedding! We stock many different artificial flowers in a variety of colours and sizes. Click here to view some of our realistic flowers that’d make ideal decorations for spring and summer weddings. Of course our props aren’t just for use in weddings – they’re ideal for so many different things, such as window displays, photographic studios, theatre and TV stage sets, to name but a few.


Click here to view our autumn range. We offer many different fall themed props such as artificial leaves and pumpkins in a wide array of oranges, reds, yellows and browns. If you’re planning an autumn wedding we hope this gives you some inspiration on how to decorate!

Credit: As Seen In Khush Wedding Magazine.

How to: Create a great vineyard display

autumn blog post banner

The rainy weather here in the UK is definitely letting us know that summer is over – as of yesterday it’s now officially Autumn! Time for the leaves to fall and the temperatures to drop.

Even if you’re not a big fan of cosy sweaters and drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire, autumn brings many other exciting and interesting events – Halloween, Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night, Rememberance Day, Thanksgiving and so many more. Most importantly – the harvest season. Pumpkins are ready to pick and grape vines have finally ripened, so what better time to start creating wonderful autumn displays?

Here are some tips for making a great vineyard display like our one below. If you’re looking to create something slightly different, click here for another idea.

vineyard scene

1. Fill your space

What’s in the background and foreground is just as important as the main scene. Any display will look a lot more professional if you cover up any everyday items that may be lurking in the background – in the display above we’ve used this wooden vine trellis but a fabric such as our merlot grape fabric would also look great as a backdrop.

Using props in the foreground of a display adds depth and makes the scene look more realistic – we’ve used this decorative wooden cart wheel, but something smaller such as one of our wooden wine bottle boxes would also look good – especially one in a natural colour.

2. Use suitable colours

When creating displays, it’s important to stick to a colour theme to ensure your display looks as professional as possible. We’ve used sets of these wooden barrels and wooden tubs that match the decorative cart wheel we used in the foreground. We also used these autumn leaves to add a little bit of colour, while still sticking with the autumn theme.

3. Relevancy

A Christmas tree just wouldn’t look right in the middle of this vineyard display, so make sure you choose your props wisely. Here at Props4Shows we stock lots of grapes in different sizes and colours that look fantastic in display scenes like the one above.

View the Grapes & Vineyard Collection and more at www.props4shows.co.uk

Ever lasting food?!

Fake food is one of the most widely used props for display and stage purposes – it has endless uses! Whether it’s for shop displays, demonstrations or photography sets, it still proves one of the most popular replica lines on the market.

However food displays don’t just have to be commercial – many of our customers use our replica food to create realistic displays around the home, without the worry of them going off and discolouring. When fake food was first created in 1917 by the Japanese, it was actually designed for house use only. It wasn’t for a few years that restaurants started using replicas in window displays to show people what type of food was on offer.


Our artificial products are great for use in shop displays and window displays to attract customers, as they look so delicious – it’s hard to tell that these donuts aren’t real! Using fake food is useful as it doesn’t have to be thrown away and replaced everyday; this prevents a lot of unnecessary waste, not to mention the amount of money it’ll save!


Another great use is education – artificial food is a great way of being able to teach children about food and nutrition, as it’s helpful for them to actually see the foods and get to know them. When children start to learn, they’re kinesthetic learners – moving and touching everything to remember it.


And of course fake food is ideal for use in movie and television sets, theatre plays, TV commercials; the list is endless! Lettuce will always be crisp, sandwiches will always be fresh, and ice cream will never melt!


Our 2015 Food Brochure is now out, click here for a free copy! To browse our entire range of fake food, visit www.props4shows.co.uk/fake_food. The fake food we supply really does look good enough to eat, so we hope browsing this section doesn’t make you hungry! Alternatively, browse our entire website at www.props4shows.co.uk

How to: Create the perfect autumn display

2014-10-21 14.30.44

As autumn surrounds us, make sure your displays are the best they can be with these 4 tips on creating the perfect autumn display.

1. Utilise your space and use each prop wisely

Your autumn display won’t look professional if the props chosen are simply dumped into a pile and expected to arrange themselves! Instead, try to place props on higher and lower levels, so people can’t escape that wonderful seasonal feel. It’s also good to have a main feature of the display, such as this amazingly realistic pumpkin.

2. Use relevant props

There’s no use trying to include Easter chicks or a Hawaiian palm tree in an autumn display! Make sure that all of the props used fit with the theme of your display, such as wheat stems, grapes, and these little pumpkins.

3. Use a variety of autumn colours

Using different shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown with hints of green should be used in order to create a colourful and lifelike display. These leaves and acorns are the perfect addition to any autumn display.

4. Complete your displays with backdrops and fabrics

Any window display will look a lot more professional and will be far more effective if you can’t see any everyday items in the background. The Merlot Grape Fabric used here fits perfectly with the autumn theme, and will help you to cover any obstacles that may be in the way of your display.

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